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A little about Technology, Marriage, Family, Friends and Soccer.

About Me

Let me introduce myself

Hello, my name is Paulo Eduardo Catrib Bastos, better known as Duda Bastos, nickname that I earned from my family when I was a fetus, after 2 decades working with web-focused IT, I worked as a design, webdesign, webmaster and developer, today I work in the area of systems architecture, where my goal is to reduce the noise between client, infra, design and development, generating process documents, user flow, wireframes and prototypes.

I graduated in Web Environment Management and Creation at Estácio, today I study Marketing at Unigranrio College,

I love my family. I am a devoted and loving husband and have a 12 year old son who is entering adolescence, who loves technology just like his father.

Tricolor greetings.

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My Works

Projects in which I worked as a developer, design, manager or architect (or as my friends speak “solution engineer”).


What can I do

Solution Engineer

Customer mentoring to uncover the business challenges of the idea, product, or service to jointly develop a unique solution prototype to present to its decision makers, illustrating value and benefits through an engaging story.

UI / UX Design

Designing UX design projects refers to user experience design and interface design with IT product focus (applications and SaaS), always seeking to be in tune with the development team.

Architect System

Creation of documents, processes and user flows to facilitate the understanding of the creation and development sector before starting the project, making the final result more precise.


Timeline of my life

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Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil

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+55 21 99367-0983